This isn’t a small thing for us here at ‘Indiestry’ for a few reasons (basically though it’s in the name) but what exactly do we mean by Indie and why does it matter. Over the next week we’ll be talking through the subject matter of our name, highlighting shining examples of the genre and how amongst all the hoo-hah (yes hoo-hah is a word) of the next-gen, Indie is one of the most important parts of the gaming industry.

So right off the bat, Indie is important because in the age of budget cutting and company streamlining the confidence developers have in taking risks is for want of a better phrase ‘in tatters’ so want is Indie, Indie is the sector of video-gaming that is brave, brash, original and occasionally a bit whacky. Walk into any major video-game retailer and your 99% likely (might as well say 100%) to see FIFA, Call of Duty and Need for Speed, which aren’t bad games they’re just expected. Pop on a PS Vita or go flicking through the app store (Play Store if your that way inclined) though and there is a world of original content at your finger tips.

Vita’s are sweet, just a little bit pricey and lacking that killer portable app

So is ‘Indie’ related to the platform you can play it on, the environment it’s created on or the publishing powers behind the titles. Well in true Internet fashion [Indie]stry doesn’t have a scientific answer but we are definitely giving it a go. There’s something to be said about the love being shown by Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft who rather than just publish Indie games are making a big deal about publishing Indie games. So to bring things back around, like a flamingo on a ferris wheel, Indie is getting the love because it’s fresh, bringing in a wave of creativity and developmental opportunities. Which is why we’ll soon be delving into the world of UK student developers to take a spotlight and shine it all over the creative process behind game development.

We’ve seen a lot of these images lately, Are the big boys about to play nicely?

When we were sitting down in a top secret location (which totally wasn’t a car) discussing the details of [Indie]stry we needed to go right this is and this isn’t Indie. Our decision, the scope in the field of indie is huge and day by day you’ll find info on [Indie]stry for Xbox, Sony, Steam, Android, iOS and even games on your web browsers! if you either hatefully or even politely disagree let us know and get in touch.

This is only the beginning and coming soon. In fact very soon will be part 2 of ‘What Is indie’ where we’ll be looking at android, iOS, 3DS and Vita.

Remember play games and geek out about them!