The unique and ambitious Microsoft exclusive has officially opened it’s doors to Xbox One users to join the Project Spark Beta. The Beta which has already been active on PC’s with Windows 8.1 since December 2013 allows gamers to play, create and share their own creations all while contributing to the games the final build.

Project Spark has made some tantalising promises which suggests It’s packing the sort of creativity and community features that would make it a spiritual competitor and/or upgrade to Sony’s ‘Little Big Planet’. The game where you can make games sounds like the true definition of Indie!

Users of the Windows 8.1 Beta will be happy to hear that as promised the ‘Project Spark’ experience is cross platform and anything already created can now be accessed via their Xbox One consoles. To Join the Beta follow the link below and get playing, creating or whatever your heart fancies to be honest.

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