I to fancy myself as a clever detective, when the remote goes missing I use my powers of deduction to recover this precious family heirloom, I feel my talents are wasted and that I should be working for Scotland Yard. So when Twist-ed Games released Bureau: Kendall Rising I was quite happy to have the chance to put my crime solving skills to good use!

Kendall Rising is a remake of the first Bureau game (Agent Kendall) where you play as Kendall, an expert agent who is questionably top heavy if you catch my drift. Kendall leaves the private sector to help solve a case involving an anti-extremist, extremist called Wally …. yes that’s right someone who kills extremists by using extremist methods… and is called Wally. You follow agent Kendall as she untangles this web across the city by investigating and interviewing. The basic plot is slightly laughable just for the antagonist who seems really ridiculous, not only this but also for Kendall who can change from serious detective to someone who if given the choice will quite happily jump in the sack with characters involved in the case. At first glimpse the story seems strange and not well it is,  saying that there was something quite enjoyable about the story I also liked the fact that your actions have consequences which can lead to multiple and potentially even receiving your pink slip.

Our loveable extremist killing extremist Wally

The game is of the point and click genre, with Kendall traveling to numerous locations across a small city where she will either investigate crime scenes or interview characters at their homes. The investigation part of the game is pretty basic with clues not being majorly hard to find, while the interviewing aspect is far more interesting with your discovered evidence affecting the questions you can and cannot ask. You are also given the chance to do background checks on your suspects by infiltrating their finances, e-mail, criminal records, phone and even social media; this can provide important evidence or holes in someone’s alibi. While playing the game you’ll occasionally encounter a quick time event, where you have to shoot a target while having no control over the crosshair so you have to time your shoot perfectly. I’ve seen other point and click games do the scene investigation better but I found the interview and background checks quite enjoyable while the quick time events felt refreshing by breaking the other parts up.

ACTION, ACTION… That cars going to need some repairs… ACTION!

Visually Kendall Rising is excellent for an indie game and is defiantly the games strongest point which isn’t surprising when you look at other twist-ed games which all look great. The game combines stop motion scenes with short 3D movies both are incredible especially the 3D parts that unfortunately only last a few seconds each, add in the techno soundtrack and the whole experience was catchy and cool. The only element I didn’t like was the voice acting that was added, it was pretty poor and could sound really cheesy at times with unfunny jokes or puns.

I strangely enjoyed Kendall Rising considering I had never previously played a Bureau game. If you can stomach the bizarre plot that is unravelling as well as some poor voice acting you will uncover quite a fun game to play, not forgetting some amazing visual affects which would be the game’s main redeeming feature.