It’s safe to say that for a few years now zombies have been the it thing in gaming circles for a few years now and unlike most fads as the content has rolled out its been getting better not worse. State of Decay, Dead Island, The Walking Dead (Not the Survival Instinct one!) and Call of Duty’s Zombie modes; they’ve all been done well and people just can’t get enough of them.

Age of Zombies Is yet another zombie genre game, which I know you wouldn’t of guessed given the cryptic title and is available on the PS Vita through the ‘indie’ section of the devices Playstation store app. So how does Age of Zombies reinvent the genre; well this mad scientist guy has made zombies and sent them off through space and time and sporadically for no apparent reason our hero “Barry Steakfries” walks in to put a stop to the whole thing. That’s about it for narrative and to be honest that’s all that’s needed, Barry doesn’t exactly give ‘two hoots’ about the protection of humanity he’s way more concerned with slaughtering zombies and dropping in crazy one liners.

One has to question, Barry’s insatiable desire to kill zombies must have required a fair few humans to ‘bite’ the bullet.

The hero’s style and humour connect perfectly with the stereotypical locations on offer (due to the availability of time travel… Just because) and the little nuances go a long way to giving ‘Age of Zombies’ a few memorable moments; for Instance in the oriental zones your weapon/item pick-ups are greeted with a similarly oriental voice-over that is way over the top. In it’s defence though it’s just a small part of the entire ‘Over The Top’ experience, Kill zombies, with no fear, BIG guns and with  ‘tasty’ one liners, that’s Age of Zombies true charm it’s brash in it’s approach, to be rather topical it’s not trying to be Titanfall it’s quite content at being Age of Zombies.

ZOMBIE T-REX … that is all.

That is in no way a bad thing, because at first you’ll lose an hour, then a few hours, then a day and then you’ll just wonder why your Vita’s battery is constantly dead; the answer is Age of Zombies. Because much like it’s narrative approach it’s game-play is simplistic yet absorbing. The game by default by both analogue sticks; the left controls Barry’s movement while the right controls your aim and firing, that is about it but don’t mistake the simple approach for an easy game as the hoards and hoards…. and hoards of the undead make things rather difficult. Zombies aren’t just zombies (that would be way too easy), nope some have super-speed others have the ability to explode while some very special brain munchers have mastered the ability to throw dynamite in your direction (how convenient!); this isn’t all bad because if you master your agility and timing then like a watered-down Chinese proverb your enemy may become your friend.

Above all else ‘Age of Zombies’ is just plain fun and in a gaming age where AAA titles and super heart wrenching narratives exist (The Last of Us we’re looking at you) it’s just a refreshing change of pace to pick up a shotgun and go on a tear. The price is a steal and while we got our grubby mitts over a PS Vita version this gem is also available on iOS and Android so there’s no reason whatsoever to take up your gun and get blasting.