I had a passing thought the other day and now I just can’t get it out of my head. Something that links the AAA juggernaut from respawn entertainment to the unique upstarts that is so often associated with the genre of Indie gaming.

How does Titanfall, the next-gen behemoth have traits of Indie (which you better believe are purely accidental), well they all start and stem from the narrative. Or to be more precise the lack of a narrative; for those unaware you and your titans get randomly aligned with either the IMC or the Militia and away you go fighting through a series of battles with over-arching missions and encounters of characters who have (to be frank) have nothing to do with you.

A Human inside a robot! what a mundane concept it’ll never catch on.


You play as a Pilot (Which is sick) with the ability to earn a Titan (Equally sick) but the narrative doesn’t touch you; your trying to secure Internet/database connections or fighting bravely on diversion missions but your never the direct source of the narrative progression. Why is this okay and acceptable? Well because Titanfall for game-play is immense and that overrides all of it’s narratives shortcomings.

Something Indie does so well, take for instance the recently reviewed ‘Age of Zombies’ narrative is entirely irrelevant, giving you as much game-play as you can handle. It’s almost like respawn entertainment went “well we’ve got to have some kind of campaign”; truth is I could take or leave the campaign mode (shock, awe and angry mobs at the ready) because the ‘quality’ lies simply in it’s game-play.

While also going out on a limb and saying ‘Titanfall’ has the same sort of ingenuity and creative blend of mechanics often associated with Indie games; on top of that the decision to blend 2 very unique play-styles has helped the EA published title stand out from a very dense crowd of First-Person Shooters.

This is definitely a unique entry, there’s plenty of games out there (which with the greatest of respect) don’t try anything special or try anything different; Titanfall however is that game that deserves a mention in as many places as humanely possible. Any games out there that you feel deserve the label of “Honorary Indie” let us know below or tweet @indiestrygaming