The quirky and colourful ‘Road Not Taken’ has been detailed over on PlayStation’s Europe Blog by Spry Fox CEO David Edery.

The boss was quite forthcoming in announcing how Spry Fox had engaged with other developers to get to the real nooks and crannies of what needed change in ‘Road Not Taken’,  Saying “If you’re ever looking for brutally honest feedback, other game developers are a good place to start!”.  Edery goes on to detail some very interesting critique as well as how this title available on PS4, PS vita, PC and Mac has got more depth than it lets on, but what we really got us was one of the games’ gameplay mechanics and overarching ethos’.


We get it ethos’, ideologies and Governmental Big Brother conspiracies are a bit heavy (and they’ve been done to death) but the ethos that encapsulated our attention was the game’s unique approach to life.

“One interesting thing about Road Not Taken is that your character has a maximum lifespan of 15 years, and each mission you embark upon consumes a year of your life. This ties into one of the main themes of the game: trying to live the best possible life in the limited time you have on this Earth”.

This is SICK! Not in our time have we seen such an approach to life in a videogame and better than that, how positive and happy is it! (Trying our hardest to not break out into songs of free love). So often in gaming it’s fight and don’t die,  avoid death and get to your goal; in ‘Road Not Taken’ the limited life aspect isn’t a crime against longevity instead it looks as if it’ll create considered, strategic gaming that allows gamers to enjoy their time alive not focus on bringing down holy death on their enemies. [Disclaimer : We can’t promise ‘Road Not Taken’ will prevent you wanting to bring holy death down on your enemies].

We’re really excited for ‘Road Not Taken’ and if you want to keep a closer eye on things check out or on twitter with @spryfox

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