Following an interview with the Sonic Lost World producer says he’d love to see more DLC.

Which is totally awesome as the release of the Wii U exclusive and free downloadable content breathed new life into a ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ game that received mixed reviews. The ‘Legend of Zelda Zone’ did away with time limits, introduced a free-roaming open world and littered it with rupee’s for the blue blur to dash around and collect.  It’s not often that DLC outshines the full game but the Zelda/Sonic crossover has really excited fans about the possibility of more Nintendo themed crossovers.

Sonic Lost World2
Blue and Green should never been seen except only on ….. SONIC!!!!


What producer Takashi Iizuka said regarding the Zelda DLC can be found below:

Takashi Iizuka : “In normal production, the hardest part is building up the base of the game. Stages can normally be changed simply by variations, but this time, it was shaped to be a different experience on each stage [of the DLC], which is why it took so long to complete. It’s easy for Yoshi to be in Sonic Lost World, but the music, sound, and soundtrack of “The Legend of Zelda” made the development all the more entertaining and fun. I now feel like I want to make more, rather than just simply one zone.”

This only adds to the excitement of more DLC for Sonic Lost Worlds which has already received content based on NIGHTS, Yoshi’s Island and of course The Legend Of Zelda, What would you like to see next? (We’re plumping for Metroid themed DLC).

The original interview is online at but if your struggling to A) Read Japanese or B) Translate it on the webpage check out the key facts (In English) using the Zelda Informer link below.

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