Here we go one last crack at ‘What is Indie’ and part 3 will take a look at when Indie goes big and all of a sudden the bigger kids want a go. You know at school when dyed hair became the ‘it’ thing and all the cool kids were doing it? That’s exactly what’s going on with Microsoft and Sony.

Those of you who were glued to your computer screens for the pre-console launch news fest will re-call the images from below which was essentially Microsoft and Sony adding another enticing gem to their gaming crowns, that gem being ‘Indie Gaming’.

Seen quite a few of these images recently!


Thing is, snobby thoughts and cool kids analogies aside there is only positives to be gained in console making Indie games available. Gaming journalists the world over will moan and whinge (Our [Indie]stry guys included) about the lack of new IP’s and how gaming calendar is becoming more and more uniform with every passing year. Indie availability turns this on its head and unique, original titles such as ‘Journey’ and ‘State of Decay’ are now some of the most popular on their respective systems.

ZOMBIES, The 1 crisis the world could probably deal with


Humanity as a whole positively suck at sharing (I’ve never gifted anything from the Xbox Store) and so when small time developers get major attention we accuse them of selling out and forgetting what made them; sound familiar it happens in TV and Music too. Gamers as a collective should actually love this because there’s nothing better than original stories and characters for us to connect too, as a side argument that I can’t wander into right now it also proves the worth of gaming as an art-form.

As Mr Editor I’m going to pop my rather slender neck on the line and say consoles are still the best way to play games and thus original content for them is incredibly important. It’s about interface and accessibility and Microsoft and Sony are not bettered at that (Sorry PC gamers I’m not trying to start a war), the control system is simpler and more practical. Look at ‘Resogun’ and ‘Max’ on PS4 and Xbox One respectively they are two of the most popular and critically appreciated titles out there and reflect that bigger isn’t always better.

Both Pretty and Awesome!


There we go, have a cuppa and digest everything that is or possibly could be defined as Indie gaming, some of you will agree and some will not but this 3 part marathon of ‘What is Indie’ has been a precursor to what sorts of things you can expect to read hear at [Indie]stry gaming. If Indie change we’ll let you know , or let us know so we can let everyone know what you feel is Indie…

Until then…

Remember play games and geek out about them!