After a long time in the dark, After all our pulses started to race with the announcement at E3…. Dead Nation has finally… finally Arrived.

It’s now up and live on the PS store and the UK PlayStation store details the game with some hand bullet points

  • Pit your wits against hundreds of zombies on-screen.
  • Blast your way with a friend in online and offline co-operative play and rank yourself with online leaderboards.
  • Track your zombie kills with the daily online world map and reduce the zombie virus with other Dead Nation players in the country you’re playing.
  • Download the Dead Nation – Road of Devastation expansion pack from PlayStation Store today.

The important thing to note from those bullet points Is┬áthe last one, no free DLC for us this time out, unlike the upcoming Borderlands 2 (Which features a whole huge amount of free DLC). This is upsetting but it certainly isn’t enough to stop you playing the original.

A review will be coming up shortly, until then check out the gameplay video from below :