I thought I would put down the 360 controller for this review and turn to the trusty mouse and keyboard. I’ve wanted to do a review for this game for a while and now I have my chance, so lets talk more about Edge of Reality’s free multi-player shooter “Loadout”.

Loadout doesn’t have a campaign but instead focuses on multi-player firefights from a third person view. The game incorporates five different modes which include:

  1. Death Snatch: A team death match style game, where killing enemies causes them to drop ‘Blutonium’ (points in matches) which increases your teams score.
  2. Blitz: Where teams will fight for the capture and control of poles, with the poles changing after each capture.
  3. Extraction: The aim in Extraction is to be the first team to collect the most Blutonium, each team will have a randomly selected “Collector” who will go around the map collecting blutonium and depositing in their teams basket.
  4. Jackhammer: The games capture the flag mode but unlike most CTF matches where the flag-bearer is pretty defenceless Loadout makes the Hammer (flag) a one hit kill weapon.
  5. Annihilation: Is a mash up of Jackhammer, Blitz and Death Snatch. The goal is to get a team score of 10,000 and points are collected through different methods such as kills, capture points and hammer control. Once a team has hit the target score they must capture the enemy’s hammer, return it to their base to charge and then take it to enemy team’s base to destroy it.

The gameplay is standard but solid. Before every round you vote for a map, choose your load out then descend into full blown chaos as you battle your enemies with a hail of bullets and rockets. After every match you gain experience from the kills and objective of that match which is used to level up your character. You also get Blutes after each match which is spent to unlock gun parts in a tech tree as well as buy parts and outfits. One aspect of the gameplay that some people might find restricting is the lack of map choices, at the moment the total number of maps is just four but this could possibly be due to future map packs.

Weapon crafting is highly encouraged in Loadout with it’s seamlessly endless selection of gun parts to collect and buy. Each gun is divided into four chassis groups (Assault, Rocket, Pulse and Beam) which is then further spilt into Stock, Scopes, Barrels, Triggers, Magazines, Payloads, Dynamics, Propulsion, Shells, Detonators and Dispersals. This creates a near infinite combination of guns that is easily on par with Borderlands. Every weapon you create can be given a customizable name (such as The P***s Cannon and The C**k Shredder if you’re childish like me).

picture 2
So much gun choice in the weapon crafting tab, It would make a NRA loving American Happy!

The graphics are this game’s most attractive feature. The developers have made it comical and very tongue-in-cheek. The design is extremely cartoony and in a way reminds me of Team Fortress. The game includes many gory ways to die and make it humouring to watch. There was nothing more satisfying than watching your enemies hop around with one leg or running around with just a pair of legs after blowing their head and torso off! I loved this idea and art design (Hell any game that lets me do gangnam style for a taunt has my vote!).

Picture 3
It’s just a flesh wound walk it off!

The last decade has seen an influx of shooters in video games and Loadout sits quite comfortably within it because its silly and doesn’t take itself too seriously, unlike shooters such as COD and Battlefield which prides itself on realistic military combat (and quick scoping snipers!). Loadout might not bring anything new to the shooter genre but it makes up for it by shaking its arse in your face while you laugh yourself into a kill streak.