The PS Vita has received it’s latest big title across the pond, that’s right over in the US looting and shooting on the go… is well a go-go, below is a gameplay video of the game which is being ported to Vita by Iron Galaxy studios.

If you check out MetaCritic you’ll see what we mean. Although there’s only 8 critics weighed In on the title so far and perhaps more importantly the user reviews is coming in at a solid 76 (correct at time of publication). Debates about bugs, glitches, frame-rates and visuals have all been brought up, though some outlets notice it a lot more than others, with most gamers saying they’ve had solid sessions with no technical hiccups!

See those reviews, mostly positive with solid and not excessive scores!


This again will bring up the debate of porting big franchises over to the Vita and whether or not the Vita should stick to just Indie titles, until the game arrives here on European shores we can’t cast our definitive opinion on things so keep your eyes glued on [Indie] and the Vita review of Borderlands 2 will be coming your way shortly.