Picture 1¬†Indiestry have been lucky enough to chat with Cole Jefferies the mastermind behind Cole Powered Games. he’s developed titles such as MegaCity, Six O’Clock High and Planet Wars (Which we reviewed here).We asked him about his experiences, developers, mobile gaming and new projects:

INDIE: So can you us tell a bit about Cole Powered Games?

COLE : I’ve been making games ever since I was in school (I’m 26 now). Back then, indie games really weren’t a thing- I found myself making them just because I wanted to make something. My old games really weren’t anything special or original- mainly buggy, overambitious ideas inspired by existing franchises. I stopped briefly by the time I got to university, where I studied illustration. By the time I had finished, the indie game revolution had already begun, so a return to the medium with my new found skills seemed like a great idea. Here I am a few years later- I still feel I have a lot to learn, but I’m loving every second of indie game development.

INDIE: How important are indie developers to the gaming industry?

COLE: Creatively, they are the key to the progression of the medium in my opinion. AAA titles are severely creatively limited by the people with the money, who are more of often than not, investors and businessmen, not gamers. It’s easy to draw parallels with the film industry in this regard- except with games we have the benefit of many different forms of digital distribution.

INDIE: All of your games are available on mobile devices, how important is this platform?

COLE: Mobile used to be the breeding ground of the indie game a few years back. It seemed to be driven by new ideas and nobody really had any idea what the next big thing would be. The touch screen was still a relatively new thing and it really felt as though the platform was covering new ground. That’s still true to some extent, but the markets have since become saturated- there’s so much on offer its getting much harder for Indies to get noticed. Personally, I will still be making games for mobile but I’m shifting my focus more towards the PC with platforms such as steam.

INDIE: With the release of next-gen consoles will we see any games on this platform?

COLE: From me? I hope so eventually. I have no plans to do so yet- party because they are not yet supported by my development software of choice (Fusion 2.5). But as soon as it is, I’m sure that will change. For now I’m focusing on PC and mobile platforms primarily.

INDIE: As a developer what has been your best experience?

COLE: Releasing my first game under the ColePowered name- MegaCity. The satisfaction of creating an original concept and putting it out there as my first attempt at an iOS game was a great learning experience. Getting positive reviews is even better of course! That was the point where I decided I wanted to focus on indie game development for the foreseeable future.

Picture 2
MegaCity, the building tile game where you have to create four point per column using different building types

INDIE: What do you think makes a successful game?

COLE: That’s a tough one because a game can be almost anything. I always warm to games where it’s evident the developers have passion- I’m somebody who can overlook bugs if the concept is interesting enough. More and more I find myself more interested in the games which are pushing boundaries and trying something new, rather than simply executing an existing idea well. But games mean different things to different people.

INDIE: What can we expect from Cole Powered in the future?

COLE: I’ve got a huge pool of cool project ideas to dive into whenever I need something new to work on– and it’s always growing! The next ColePowered project is a sequel to my first game MegaCity. Fans of the existing will be pleased I hope, but there’s plenty of new ideas in there. Right now I’m towards the end of bringing a board game to the digital world, in the form of Wotan Games’ ‘Camelot The Build’ (work that I’ve been doing to keep the funds flowing inbetween my own projects). I always keep a dev blog of what I’m working on over on my website at http://colepowered.com/

We’d would like to thanks Cole again for taking the time to chat with us and wish Cole Powered all the best in it’s current and future projects. He’s created some great games and I have no doubt we will be seeing many more from him.