Game: Mr Kitty Saves the World
Developer: Seemingly Pointless

I found this game through an online gaming forum about the creepiest games without jumpscares, as I personally love atmospheric horror a little more than I do jump scares (mainly because jump scares are way too much for this fragile heart to take). I fired it up and was met with a solemn purple screen of some kind of shadow ninja standing on a hill. Text asked me to press space to start the game, and from then on I was thrown into a maelstrom of confusion and fright. The only gameplay took place as my character ran from a mammoth sized cat, chasing me down a glitch laden corridor, to the sound of background music that could have only been composed by Satan himself….whilst on acid… a haunted mental asylum straight out of a cheesy horror flick.

I didn’t know what was occurring, but the further away from the cat I ran, the glitchier the game became, almost as if it didn’t want me to win. I’m not going to tell you what happens if you get far enough or away, or what happens if you lose, but let’s just say it is completely not what you are expecting.

Good lord just look at this, look at that cat! Although as a dog person that’s what all cats look like to me anyway.


As the story goes, one of the development team found this game whilst doing a little bit of Urban Exploring. He found a disc in an abandoned warehouse or an abandoned factory or an abandoned housing lot, it was definitely somewhere abandoned, because where else are you going to find creepy discs with your name on them? Not in Tesco’s I’ll tell you that. Then after finding said disc, the developer disappeared. Then, whilst looking for his buddy, a second developer stumbled across the game, and a note from his missing friend, telling him to upload the game. In doing so, he was unwittingly unleashing the games evil onto the world.

I completed the game before reading the backstory, and I suggest for the most complete scares, you should do so in a similar fashion. The game itself is so completely stripped of features that it feels exactly as primitive and creepy as the story sells it to be. It in fact could potentially only last the player around thirty seconds of playtime, but the incredible backstory and thought that has gone into everything surrounding the game (such as the website and the YouTube videos that can be found within) make this independent Creepy Pasta game one that does not leave the mind very soon. In fact, if you complete the game and then read the creepy pasta behind it……prepare to feel very scared indeed.



As with the nature of the game, I’m trying not to give away too much, but this I feel is a perfect example of Indie Horror. A game that was created from internet lore, a game that is so simplistic that it feels it could have come from a cursed time. A game that certainly kept me awake, listening out for every bump and bang in the night, staring into the darkened shadows of my bedroom, afraid to close my eyes, after indulging the story that comes along with it, much as I did the very first time I saw the Lady Gaga meat dress. The download of this game is available at for free, but I implore you, do not play this game, and if you play this game, make sure you fail. Your life, and the life of those around you depends on it. Do not complete this game.

I’m glad to have done my part in spreading the awareness.

Now to leave Kayfabe again and go grab myself a glass of water; acting is a tough business kids!

Scare Rating: Have you ever owned a dog on Bonfire Night? That, multiplied by one thousand.