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Okay, let me start by saying first and foremost, Spaghetti Carbonara is in no way affiliated with any of the following; bad dreams, nightmares, jump scares, witches, goblins or ghouls, dense fog or thunderstorms, wolves howling at the moon, Dracula or any of his affiliates, the list could go on forever. In fact it is the complete opposite, it is heavenly, tasty, it is a bringer of elation, in fact I would recommend pounding off a dish of Carbonara before playing any of the games that are about to be mentioned.

Why is that you may ask? Well, you’re going need all the strength you can get my fellow adventures, because here at [Indie]stry, we thought we’d allow our masochistic needs to be satiated and delve into the Indie soaked world of the Creepy Pasta/Indie Horror game (because hey, who doesn’t like spending loads of time reading horrifying stories that keep people up at night, unable to sleep, waiting for the never ending darkness to consume them, whilst finding all of it fun?…….not us, but then again I suppose that’s the whole point).

Pasta Here is a picture of some relatively non-creepy pasta, although I’m sure I could find a B-Movie Horror or two to ruin this for me as well.


So to begin with, let me first explain what Creepy Pasta is. Creepy Pasta can be pretty much summed up by comparing it to a form of an internet urban legend. We’ve all probably bumped into child-hood stories of entities such as the Grey Lady, you know the one, say her name three times in the mirror and she’ll appear out of thin air to deliver sweets and happiness to all the sad puppies in the area (I think I may have forgotten the story in my old age). Well imagine that, but on the internet; the place where nightmares become reality and nobody is safe. Scary, right? Wrong. It’s downright horrifying.

Creepy Pasta in video gaming is a fairly common occurrence when it comes to online frights. Some kid goes to a yard sale, the proprietor is an old man, with no teeth and one eye, who gives the kid a copy of Majora’s Mask or something and then finds out that the cartridge is haunted/cursed/ready to do evil in a way that no other earthly being has experienced to this day (See: Ben Drowned. Google it). The player then takes to an online forum to tell his story and the horror spreads along the series of pipes that is the internet faster than one might utter the word “Fedora” (one old internet meme must spawn another). We all know how the story goes, and there are an abundance of stories out there that follow a similar pattern. For almost every game out there, there is a Creepy Pasta at its heels.

But then we have the instances in which actual games are created out of these “pastas”, almost always created independently, tied to some horrific story regarding the fate of the owner, the player, or in special circumstances, the owner and the player. At [Indie]stry, this really interested us, because who needs sleep anyway? So we thought we’d delve into the dark depths of Creepypasta Indie Gaming to see just what gems we could uncover, rate them on their scares, and possibly ruin a good few nights sleep for all the readers as well!