Being the Vita nut on the [Indie]stry team it’s literally Xmas whenever … well … anything gets announced, it just so happens that something awesome has gone down and anyone interested in Vita-world (Just made that up right here), should check this out:

That’s the hit indie that has been gracing the next-gen screens is also coming to PS Vita, Wider than just another announcement this means that Sony are still committed to giving Vita owners great experiences, and if the cross-save functionality ever really take off (like instantly including in all titles), Microsoft might have to be ready to really throw down.

The RPG from the guys at Ubisoft is pretty, like really pretty, think Dragon Crown or Murasema: The Demon Blade, you can have a poke around on the games’ official mini-site but it summed up pretty well with these :

The universe : Child of Light is a playable poem in which you will embody Aurora in her Quest to save the world of Lemuria of the evil Dark Queen and recover the Sun, the Moon and the stars.

and it plays like :

In Child of Light, you dive into a classics Adventure-RPG world. Fighting your enemies in an Active-Time Battle System, you will be able to fight alongside the firefly Igniculus and other members of Aurora’s party. Lead the two heroes of the quest with their own faculties to beat dark monsters between you and the Dark Queen who retains the Sun, the Moon and the Stars of Lemuria.

Check out more at Child of Light’s Mini-site, by clicking here