Game: Slender: The Arri………..what was that? This game’s already been done to death? But I haven’t seen a single Let’s Play video of it on Youtu……..oh yeah okay I see your point. Moving on.

Part Five REDUX: The Guy in the Suit 2 – Electric Bugaloo
Game: LSD Dream Emulator
Developer: Outside Directors Company


Now this is a very odd choice for my creepy gaming list, because this is not sold as a Horror game. This is another one of those games whose name appears almost synonymously with underground creepy gaming, and after playing it for around half an hour, and being completely hooked, I can see why.

There is no story, there is almost no explanation to anything going on other than you know that you’re meant to be traversing the dreams of whoever you are in control of. As a Playstation One game (and an extremely rare one at that), the graphics aren’t the best and the controls are clunky, but just as with Imscared.exe, that sets the tone for the entire game, taking you out of your comfort zone.

So to give you a small idea of what this game is about, let me just narrate my first dream experience within the game a little.


The dream starts and I’m in a field, I see two people standing on a small floating island of grass, a man and a small girl holding hands, not too weird right? I go to cross the bridge towards them and as you can see in the screenshot above, BOOM, A CLAW FLOATS THROUGH THE FRIGGIN’ BRIDGE, I ALMOST FELL OFF THE BED. A huge face resembling some form of demon peers over the ledge and I am thrust into the next dream where…


Two Sumo Wrestlers stand before me, bumping into each other, not moving, like a more violent and high calorie version of a scalextric car battle. I go to explore when suddenly, there is a loud bass drop and the screen turns red. This means I’ve been taken down by the games only real antagonist. I have no idea what his name is, but I’ve read online that there is a figure in many of the levels, clad in all grey, that silent floats towards you and “kills” you in your sleep, ending your dream for the night. The fact he’d stalked me, assaulted me, and I hadn’t even known he was in the level with me, well that downright creeped me out one hundred percent.


I don’t even want to begin to talk about whatever this is supposed to mean, look at that face in the bottom-left of the television screen. What’s scary about it is that’s what my mom looked like after returning home from a seven day Holiday to see I’d forgotten to clear the garden of dog poo……my bad!


Then there was the dream where this guy lurked out of bounds, stomping his way towards the small town in which I’d chosen to have my dream this time. I would’ve been a little more alarmed, but one of the games features is its crazy soundtrack, and the crazier the soundtrack, the more upbeat the broken synth, the happier your dream is. I knew this huge creature was going to be friendly if he made it over the wall.

And then, without warning, the music stopped, I was thrown out of the dream, utter silence, and this is what I was met with.


A maze of empty, labyrinthine streets. I started to actually panic a little, and then I noticed something horrible clipping through the wall to the right.

The “Grey Man”.

Oh believe you me I couldn’t not hit that sprint button fast enough, my character made like Usain Bolt and ran out of there so fast that I’m sure if the game could’ve rendered fire at my heels it would have. Look at how haunting this place is, how much better it looks graphically compared to the rest of the levels, it was a weird experience all in all. But then again the next level was this……


…………so yeah.

This game has completely hooked me, and I’m not even going to pretend once this special has been completed that I’m not going to go back to playing it. I feel as though my sanity needs kicking in the teeth a couple more times before my life is over.

Scare Rating: Imagine you wake up, completely frozen solid by sleep paralysis, you turn your eyes to the right and Robin Williams is there grinning at you, holding a knife. Doesn’t sound scary? I knew you’d say that, so I drew this handy picture. This is his face;


……………..alright shut up.