Xbox one users can finally breath a sigh of relief and not worry about clogging up there hard drives as Microsoft announce external storages will be usable soon. The use of extra storage will become available with the upcoming update for the console next month, the drives do have some requirements such a minimum of 256GB, USB 3.0 and it will need to be formatted.

Microsoft officials said, Microsoft Officials have been talking up the benefits of external hard drive support, saying it’s a “great way” to game with friends; due to the benefits of instantly accessible content. There’s still the need to sign in with your Xbox Live account or bring along the physical disc to verify that content is yours (Copyright eh?). That being said no re-downloads just the nitty gritty of the Hello Kitty Adventure Island DLC pack from the get go.

Xbox have also confirmed that you can connect two external drives as the same time which you can use to move game files, downloads and saves.

The update will also bring real names for friends and apps updates.

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