Righty oh, 1 free day from the monotony that is the world of work, this can only mean 1 thing (should only mean 1 thing) an extra day for gaming! So the [Indie]stry team have all thrown their best ideas into the gaming boxing ring for a throw-down so monumental that Mike Tyson’s Tiger will need more than 100 tins of IAMS until he’s fit for intermediation again. Idiotic references aside take a look at the 3 of the best games to lose your bank holiday too.


GlenBAuthorPAGEGlen Beckley (Editor-In-Chief)

Game : Thomas Was Alone

You want something that you can fully commit to in one day and not worry about going back to the next day (There’s no loaded sub-meaning I swear); well if you do there’s only 1 game for you and that game is ‘Thomas Was Alone’. The full and rather retro review of the game will be coming up soon; but until then here’s what you need to know. The game by Mike Bithell isn’t strange, wacky and weird; but it isn’t an ultra realistic war with sand defining pixels being the talk of the town either. No instead it’s a game about blocks. Blocks with different properties and abilities, Blocks that need each other to become amazing and complete the range of puzzling challenges that ask you to go down to the right and occasionally up to the left. Essentially it’s a game under the genre of puzzle plat-former and is available on the PS Store for your home consoles and PS Vita, but what makes ‘Thomas Was Alone’ stand out is the strength and draw of it’s story. Wait how can a story about blocks and seemingly simple plat-forming mechanic be enticing; well without beating around the bush due to magnificent narration. Blocks become gods, creators, lovers, enemies and friends and suffice to say it’s amazing how a change of colour and proportion sparks your imagination. For instance, way taller than everyone else with a far superior jump well he must be an egomaniac and bouncing on a girl (ahem… block) called Laura for roughly 40% of the game to achieve success. A full review will follow but until then ‘Thomas Was Alone’ has mine and [Indie]stry’s seal of approval for Bank Holiday entertainment, up next What do Alex & Aaron think you should give a go (especially considering the weather is like the water world from Super Mario 64).

AlexGrnAuthor-PAGEAlex Greenwood (Writer)

Game: Loadout

Bank holiday Monday’s are usually days of rest for most hard working people but for the gamers it means an extra day to gorge on video games. Want a fun game for that day, I highly recommend Loadout the muti-player shooter from Edge of Reality for the PC. Why Loadout I hear you ask? well its quick and easy to learn and even more fun to master. You are dropped into total carnage with other players or bots in a variety of game modes. How can you make a shooter more fun?…. add lots of customization to weapons! well Loadout has got you covered with it vast choice of gun parts and custom name for your dreaded noob tube! The game’s tongue in cheek humour and comical gore makes the whole thing entertaining, you will find yourself laughing at the many ways to die which should make you question your sanity….not to mention the nipple tassels. If your a fan of Team Fortress and want your online experiences to be fun and not frustrating then Loadout is right up your street. What better way to spend that paid day off than blowing enemy body parts off or burning them to hell!

AaronWAuthor-Box-PAGEAaron Wright (Writer)

Game : Happy Wheels

Need a game to jump right into that’ll get you instantly hooked? Try Happy Wheels. Brought into the forefront of Flash gaming by big Youtube names such as PewDiePie (aka The Antichrist) and KSIOlajidebt (funnier and more loveable….but still, The Antichrist), Happy Wheels sees the player take control of various eclectic figures such as Santa Claus and his Elves, an obese woman on a mobility scooter or a man on a pogo stick (which now seems relatively normal), to try and traverse 2D tracks that other players online have devised. And it gets brutal. Just like when they put the cheap meat at out Morrison’s, the internet is full of savages all bumping into one another to see who can cause the most harm. So don’t be confused when in your Platforming journey you get shot in the face with an arrow and then crushed by a bulldozer, but also don’t think that you won’t feel complete elation every time you hear the chime that signals you’ve completed one of the thousands of user created…….levels? Can we call them that? And if you give this game a blast and find out that you’re really enjoying the beating you’re giving yourself, you could always open up the level editor and see what atrocities of gaming you can conjure up yourself……. GO IN GET TOUCH WITH INDIESTRY = @IndiestryGaming