More #BIGINDIE for you guys, we’ve been talking to Nodbrim Interactive through the creative director and founder of the developer Martin Kupski. They’re in the midst of their first title and it looks set to be amazing! (You’ll find the trailer below, reading hook… or scrolling). Join In the debate and get in touch this is what [Indie]stry is all about; bringing you the latest and freshest news from Indie Gaming!

INDIE: Tell us a bit about yourself and your studio ‘Nodbrim Interactive’?

NODBRIM: My name is Martin Kupski and I’m the founder and Creative Director of Nodbrim Interactive. I have been working in the VFX industry for over 6 years and recently i have also worked at IO interactive on Hitman Absolution and a Swedish MMO called Mortal Online. We are a small PC game developer in Malmö/Sweden which consists of two core team members, me and Kristoffer Lindström who is doing all the coding. In addition to that we have freelancers who are helping out whenever the project needs them. The goal with Nodbrim is to bring niche hardcore PC games to the market that are more than the next corridor shooter. We want to create interesting thoughtful games that fit well within our modern society.

INDIE: Your currently developing your first title Acaratus, How’s that going?

NODBRIM: It’s a fantastic ride! We are a small company and we are building our own proprietary engine called Brimlight. That it self is a challenge in it self. But the reason we chose to do it our selves as opposed to using Unity or other ready made engines is that we wanted to get a quick build up and running also have the flexibility to add what ever we want within a short period of time. I believe Acaratus has the potential to be something great and the team is really excited to work on a title that has depth to it.

INDIE: Following on from that, What is Acaratus? (It’s defining feature, story etc. what you feel makes it stick out).

NODBRIM: Acaratus is an episodic turnbased tactical rpg where we have three main features we think make it unique for the turnbased tactics genre.

First an coolest (imo) we have the hangar where you create your own battle-suits that you can use in singleplayer and mulltiplayer, customising with adding additional ability cards to spice up the battles in game.

The second is an episodic storyline that we still haven’t revealed yet but i can tell you that we are aiming for a strong political story with intricate relationships between characters. We are drawing a lot of inspirations from Game of Thrones and Can’t tell all of it at the moment but we will reveal more as we go along.

The third but most important feature is the fast paced gameplay that forces players to do quick decisions, forward thinking and creative use of the collective commander cards. All this will be explained more in detail in the near future.

INDIE: The trailer of production so far, is pretty awesome have you got a timescale of when you’d like to have it done by?

NODBRIM : Thank you! The trailer shows just a snippet of gameplay and some of how the cinematic stuff will look like. Right now we are heading into alpha stage and will invite near family and friends of Nodbrim for testing and expand out from that when we feel we have something awesome in beta! We are big fans of “its done when its done” mentality. =)

INDIE: As an Indie Developer, why do you think the ‘Indie Scene’ has popped in the last year or so?

NODBRIM: Freedom is the best word (imo) to describe the indie scene. Developers that aren’t tied to a higher ranked individual/company and has the freedom to do experimental things that bigger companies don’t have funding for. Indies are testing the waters out there and proving title after title that games can do so much more! We are proud to be a part of it. even though Acaratus isn’t a highly experimental game, it does challenge the standard that turnbased games have set.

INDIE: Again as an Indie Developer, what would you like to see done to help Indie’s?

NODBRIM: I can only speak out of my own experience and at the moment i think we are in a situation where there are many ways of reaching the target audience and getting the product to market. Though what is hindering games to get to where they need is money. Indies are poor, at least in the beginning and what would help is either state contributions and developer competitions where small prises make big differences. One solution would be to have an annual competition where crowd funding could play a key part in this. I’m vague. I have no real answer in this question and would love to hear about new help for indies in the near future.

INDIE: Acaratus, Is your first game, What’s the dream? With limitless resources what would you like to create?

NODBRIM: Well it’s my/our baby and if i had time, money and people for it i would like others to take a part of it! To help it grow as a world and maybe getting it into other media such as; comics, movies, books, other game genres and so on! We still own the ip so its not impossible…

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