Microsoft, Mojang and 343 Industries are excited to announce their Halo/Minecraft mash up pack comes out today.

The pack includes;
· A re-skinned user interface
· 31 classic tracks from the Halo universe
· 40 character skins such as Master chief, Cortana, The arbitor and Sergeant Johnson
· Pre-made worlds from the series including Blood Gulch, Vahalla, Silent Cartographer plus many more
· Classic weapons and Halo vehicles

The pack was originally announced last month with 4J Studio doing a stunning job of combining the two franchises, It has also been confirmed that the downloadable content will pass over from the 360 to the XB1 version. This is the third mash pack up that minecraft has seen with the others being Mass Effect and Skyrim.

The pack is available on Xbox Live for £2.69 ($3.99)

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