New on the indie marketplace is a interesting little platformer with a cool twist called Magnetic by Nature. This is made by a company of Utah university students called “Tripleslash Studio”.

You play a robot who find themselves in an ancient city in a underground cavern and must search to find your deactivated buddies. The game plays as a 2D side scrolling platformer with your character trying to get to the next level without being shredded into recycled tin cans. The developers has stated that the game is platforming without platforms which is pretty true. Unlike most platformers where your character will leap from platform to platform in short jumps Magnetic by Nature has you flinging, slinging and propelling your character across the vast empty level through the use of magnets.

The core game mechanics are simple with you using either the right or left bumper to attract or repel your character using the magnets that are either fixed or moveable. Magnetic by nature isn’t a game of pure dumb luck you will have to time your slingshots and jumps carefully because even a one second delay in your actions, this rewards you with the same fate as a car that about to go into a scrapyard crusher. The levels start off simple enough and does an excellent job of tutoring you through the game controls, once you get the hang of it the game takes a steady steppe in difficulty becoming more challenging as the level sizes expand.


Picture 2
how you use the magnets can affect if you fail or succeed

The art design is very nice and compliments the game well, The colour pallet for each level changes from cool shades of blue to warm oranges and reds. The graphics are sleek and simple as they depict the underground techno city that your swinging yourself around in. The soundtrack provide a easy listening laid back techno vibe which creates a relaxed feel instead of a quick pace intense thrill-ride.

Picture 3
Magnetic by Nature does a great job of blending different colour tones effortlessly

Overall the developers at Tripleslash should be applauded for this nifty little platformer. It’s clearly intended gameplay mechanic is pretty cool and gives the feel of a great game. Magnetic by nature is defiantly a recommended buy for its extremely cheap price and will create a easy hour or two of enjoyment.