…. well not quite, the game that was originally an ARMA II mod but became so popular it spawned it’s own stand alone that has enslaved a fair portion of the PC master race. Imagine that kind of multi-player online zombie survival sandbox on the console!, unfortunately there has been no announcement of such a move by Bohemia Interactive (although it’s has not been completely ruled out). Do not worry though because developers Sick Kreations has delivered an excellent alternative to the platform with ApocZ.

Search – Collect – Surivive
The games spoken motto and basic survival 101. Just like its PC counterpart ApocZ has no campaign to follow, no discovering the source of the problem, no escaping to a happy ending just Survival!. Your offline experience is going to be the same as your online just simply without the other players. Your dropped into a huge sandbox world with forests, towns and buildings to explore and around 2,000 hungry zombies waiting to nom on you.

While you play hide and seek with the undead hordes you have to ensure you keep your food, water and blood levels high, This is done through scavenging your surroundings for food, water and bandages to stop any bleeding. It uses a similar interface like DayZ with the grid of squares which show how much room your player has, this can also be increased when you find backpacks.

The map is fairly huge being around 4 square miles but the game gives you vehicles to help you transverse the map…. if you can find the fuel and wheels to repair them that is. The world contains a few villages and towns but also offers military sites which hold better weapons such as assault rifles that hugely increase any players survival rate. There are plenty of buildings in ApocZ but unfortunately like the original DayZ mod, there’s very few you can actually enter and are more for show.

Now we can cruise around this zombie packed hellhole in style!
Now we can cruise around this zombie packed hellhole in style!

ApocZ is best played online (with friends preferable), The game offers 16 players for each server which creates a lot of team work options on your zombie slaughter. One aspect I liked about ApocZ is that unlike DayZ the other online players wouldn’t shoot you on sight and loot your fresh dead corpse, I actually encountered more team based ethnics when playing online. Combat is simple enough you either shoot or chop your enemies to death with such classic weapons as axes and guns. The controls are not bad a little clunky at times but are otherwise smooth motions of movements.

Visually ApocZ is a impressive game for the indie market. The game runs on Sick Kreations own build “End Game” Engine and is probably the smoothest running indie game I’ve seen on Xbox Live. The game switches between Day and Night cycles and the shadowing effects responds well to it. The only fault I have with the graphics is the unrealistic blood splatters but that’s not going to stop me playing it and it shouldn’t with anyone else.

ApocZ in all its shaded and light glory, makes the zombie apocalypse looks a bit nicer.
ApocZ in all its shaded and light glory, makes the zombie apocalypse looks a bit nicer.

ApocZ is basically a clone of DayZ (a fact the developer aren’t ashamed to admit considering the games title). You see trends where a very successful game will have many carbon copies follow that usually try to cash in on a quick quid on that particular game’s hype, The resulting titles are usually extremely basic, poorly done or rushed. DayZ is different though it is very well made, looks and plays great. ApocZ is the closest thing your going to get to a console version of the zombie survival titan DayZ and for the cheap price (£0.69p/$1.14) you defiantly get your moneys worth from it.