Editor’s Note : Another new writer popping up and at this rate I’m going to have to hire someone (Scary thought), but joking aside (I really don’t want to hire anyone) …. Right meet Caleb Moran who’s delved into the original souls title, seeing as the mention of Dark Souls 2 might actually drive some people to insanity.

Written By Caleb Moran

Demons Souls, the first game in the ‘Souls’ trilogy of games, although I’m sure if they’re counting it or not. It looks the same, it plays the same, you’ll die as many times, so I figure it counts. The game is 5 years old now, but with all the recent hype for Dark Souls 2, I thought I best get on the soul train and see what the big deal is about, but I had to start from the beginning, also a friend of mine was saying I was ‘inferior’ to him if I didn’t complete Dark Souls, so I decided to one up him and do both.

So what’s to say about Demon Souls? Well like with the others, you’ll die, a lot. Monsters will trample on you, dragons will burn you, and sneaky skeleton men will attack you from corners with total cheap shots. The game plays pretty much the same as the Dark Souls games, however magic works like a conventional RPG with a magic meter, and instead of one big world, you have a central hub called “The Nexus” where you can upgrade and repair stuff then you can warp to the 5 worlds via archstone statues.

Having since completed Dark Souls, I can definitely say that Demon Souls was the harder of the 2, might be because I knew what medieval nightmare I was getting myself into, but the game mechanics on Demon Souls are beyond confusing. Each weapon has several symbols to indicate what damage type they can do, and by the time I completed the game I still had no idea what they meant. The inventory system is a complete mess of information and I only ever figured out what meant ‘damage’ as I figured this would be the most important for wailing on bad guys.

Welcome to the Nexus (Must resist WWE references), the hub area of Demon Souls.
Welcome to the Nexus (Must resist WWE references), the hub area of Demon Souls.

On the note of bad guys, it doesn’t really vary too much. Most places are filled with the basic undead soldier or lizard thing and as you progress you’ll find a big monster lizard thing with a club, or a knight or something. Not much variation and pretty easy to kill once you know how. One thing I usually hear with the series is that “If you die, it’s your own fault” and while this is the case most of the time, there are certain enemies who hide behind corners and totally cheap shot you when you run by. I guess it’s part of the game, but it seems unfair at times.

What is unfair is how life works. In Demon Souls you use “Moon Grass” which comes in different sizes and you eat what you can find, it doesn’t replenish, and the larger ones are difficult to come by. You can buy it from certain salesmen, but the better ones are more expensive. It’s difficult at first because if you use all your grass on a boss fight and die, that’s it, all gone, better go find some more! Although you won’t have as much health next time round. Yes, when you get killed on Demon Souls your health gets limited to half. Found that boss difficult? Well you can try it again! With no grass, half health and you’ve got to go all the way back through the level to get to him! Yeah, there’s also no checkpoints. The only good part is that near the end of the game you’ll have enough grass to turf several football fields, it’s just getting the chance to eat it in the midst of a sword wielding super knights.

All that said, through it all, I enjoyed Demon Souls. As with Dark Souls, it will make you angry and think “Who designed this bit because I want to punch them in the back of the head”. But in doing so you feel accomplished. However, in feeling that Demon Souls was the more difficult game, also PS3 exclusive so the PC master race can’t say anything, I have a great sense of pride on knowing I overcame the game under horrible game menus and health mechanics.