Now, when I saw the screenshots and trailers of this game, I was immediately hooked. I mean just look at it…

So minimalistic, yet so brilliant (can someone say My University Dissertation? Maybe minus the brilliant part). So immediately I presumed this was going to be a game that was all about the looks, a kind of hot female celebrity supermodel game. One that was pleasing to the eyes, but maybe that was the whole gimmick, and there wouldn’t be much actual substance to it. Boy was I wrong, and I don’t think I have ever been more wrong, unless you ask my Mom, or an ex-girlfriend, but I personally don’t think I have.

This Platformer/Puzzler developed by Alexander Bruce is incredible. You traverse what can only be described as a maze, full of locked doors, and the only way to open said locked doors is to complete a puzzle. Puzzles that involve impossible space, puzzles that involve real deep analysis of your surroundings to complete.

This isn’t a walk in the park kind of puzzler, mommy isn’t going to be there to hold your little hand or kiss your knee better when you graze it on the hard playground floor of life. I mean, don’t tell anybody…..but I may have had to consult a guide a few times, but even then, once you realise exactly what it was you had to do on certain puzzles you get stuck on, you’ll enjoy the answer so much that even being tricked by the game seems like part of the fun (mainly because it is, but it’s still a strange concept).

For instance, one such puzzle sees you standing on one side of a giant pit, the word “Run?” hovering in front of you. You’re not one to mind taking directions from a non-appearing yet seemingly omnipotent being from time to time, so you do it, and fall down into the pit. Lo and behold, there are even more puzzles for you to solve down here! Inevitably, you make your way through the maze and end up back at the pit. The word has now changed to “Walk?”, so once again, you follow those orders, and what’s this? Why is there now a bridge materialising at my feet? What is this trickery? Is that you Morpheus?

And as you traverse the maze, you get these little chalkboard-esque drawings that line the walls, which can be clicked to give you little life affirming messages that more often than not tell you indirectly the solution to the puzzles around you. Collecting them is even more addictive than collecting Pokemon, or Shoot Out Cards, or the hair follicles of celebrities you wish to clone in the future, you evil genius you, get back to the lab and stop procrastinating on our site.

I may have said this aloud, many times, during my (shortly to be resumed) playthrough of this game.
I may have said this aloud, many times, during my (shortly to be resumed) playthrough of this game.

I would honestly say that I enjoyed this game as much as I did Hotline Miami, and if you read our Hotline Miami review, you’ll see just exactly how much that obsession can account for. I’d also say £14.99 is a very fair price for what you’re receiving, this isn’t a short game by any means, in fact I spent most of my day previous to writing this article sweating at my keyboard, wracking my brain for the solution to the puzzles I was stuck on. At one point I got so desperate I even asked the dog for answers, to which he replied by giving me a really sad stare, and then sniffing my toes.

Surprisingly, this is exactly the answer I was looking for and have made a note to consult my dog more often when it comes to space-time bending logical problems and things of this nature.