Written By Alex ‘The Greenwood’ Greenwood

Picking the top five indie games for the Xbox 360 was a little bit harder than I thought specially considering the recent batch of games that have popped up on the market. Here is my top five pick in order.

1. Survivalist

For those of you haven’t seen my multiple articles raving about this game, Survivalist is a zombie post-apocalyptic RPG. You play as Joe Wheeler a survivor from the viral outbreak who emerges from his bunker a year later and becomes the unlikely hero in a completely different world. The reason Survivalist earns top spot is because of it’s huge sandbox world, good twelve hour story plus side missions and moral choices towards characters. A majority of 360 indie games are just quick bangs where with this game you defiantly get your moneys worth tenfold!

Picture 2

2. ApocZ

Another zombie themed game comes in at number 2 with Sick Kreations console alternative of DayZ “ApocZ”. Just like it’s PC counterpart you must band together and fend off the hordes of the undead while making sure you don’t run out of supplies. This first person shooter offers again a huge sandbox world as well up to 16 online player support. Just like Survivalist its a game that you can get your money’s worth out of.

Picture 1

3. Decay: The Mare

Shining Gate Software latest game ‘ Decay: The Mare’ sits in at third. Decay: the Mare is the new instalment in the Decay series. The game is a point and click episodic game in the psychological horror genre and fans of Telltale games would love it. You play as Sam who is currently in a institution called “Reaching Dreams” to over come a drug addiction but gets stuck in a nightmare that never seems to end. The reason for picking The Mare? well the first Decay game was great and the follow up isn’t a disappointment ….just got to wait for the next episode.

Decay The Mare

4. Magnetic by Nature

The most recent release on the list “Magnetic by Nature” achieves fourth place. The 2D platformer from Team Tripleslash has you flinging and catapulting your character from one side of the map to the other using the power of magnets. The game was well designed and graphically looks impressive, the levels are layout well and offer a degree of a challenge later on in the game.

picture 1

5. Super Dungeon Quest

The overhead dungeon hack & slash ‘Super Dungeon Quest’ takes last place but don’t be miss lead as its a great little game. You can choose seven different classes as you master each randomized levels, throw in some light RPG elements and some pretty looking sprites and your left with a fun little time killer.

Super Dungeon Quest