Ahhh, E3. I remember staying up throughout the night to watch Sony’s section of E3 last year on a live stream and spent the entire night trying to pick my jaw up from the floor as insane new information was being digitally blasted towards my eyes and ears (and a little bit went in my mouth too and it tasted like Refreshers). Kingdom Hearts 3 left me reeling, Final Fantasy 15 sucker punched my head clean off my shoulders, and Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain danced around my corpse after I had expired due to an overflow of excitement.

So I went out and brought myself a Playstation 4, being a Sony kid from back in the days where Gabe Logan was almost a household name and Lara Croft looked a lot more……pointy than round. So what am I expecting from Sony at this year’s E3?
Well, I’m just expecting a hell of a lot of games, both Indie and AAA.

You see, I’ve owned a Playstation 4 since around February, do you want to know how many games I currently own for it? Zero. Absolutely none (if we’re not counting games downloaded with my PS+ membership). This isn’t because I’m not willing to purchase games, but this is because the Playstation 4 games catalogue is currently drier than Ghandi’s Sandals. Killzone had little to no re-playability, Infamous: Second Son was okay but got traded in as soon as it was completed, Assassin’s Creed hooked me for a while but then let me back out to sea once I’d gotten bored of tailing missions, and don’t even get me started on Watch_Dogs.

So what I’m personally expecting (translated: “hoping for”) is just an explosion of new Indie Games, games that are going to be released to keep us enticed in the ways of the relatively new console while bigger games developers find their feet. Sony are really trying to push the Indie Game scene with the Playstation 4, and after last month’s announcement of a catalogue of great looking Indie Games that are making their way to the store in the near future (found at http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2014/05/01/12-big-new-indie-games-announced-ps4-ps-vita/) what better time than to show exactly what the Indie Scene is capable of than at E3?

Maybe this will also be the year that Rockstar break their E3 silence and bring out some big news for the console scene. Rockstar are rather infamous when it comes to their absence at E3 each year, but with a rumour circulating that Rockstar are going to be releasing a new next gen game before March 2015 (http://www.computerandvideogames.com/463522/rockstar-working-on-new-gen-game-due-by-march-2015/), maybe this will be the time for them to break this silence and finally give us what we’ve all be waiting for; a Grand Theft Auto game that takes place entirely in our hometown area and includes us and all our friends as characters, with the safehouse being our actual house. Tell me that’s not a thing you’ve ever wanted and I will call you a liar.