So far the the i3 Series has covered Sony and Microsoft from very different perspectives, Microsoft edition looked at the best of Indie and the Sony edition looked at the hopes and prayers of Mr Wright. So it’s now time to look at the on goings of Nintendo and now we’re in full flow of E3, this is all about our reaction to Nintendo at E3.

Righty oh, where do I begin; firstly and foremostly (Making up words as we go) Nintendo had a very strong showing and their decision to not do another glitz and glam conference has paid off, for any fans of the company or vaguely interested gamers you were treated to a plethora of announcements and this was all underpinned by a renewed focus on the Wii U. Games including Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, Yoshi’s Wooly World, Devil’s Third, Mario Party 10, Xenoblade Chronicles and Bayonetta 2; all of that and then some!

The ‘then some’ I’m referring to is specifically known as ‘Mario Maker’; which quite possibly (next to console announcements) has been my favourite E3 announcement in quite a few years. Sony has the amazing Little Big Planet and Microsoft still have Project Spark on the way, Nintendo’s answer is Mario Maker. Handing over the level design of video gaming’s most historic franchise to the gamers. My mind can’t comprehend this even now, some of the most amazing levels in gaming have come from Mario and just like ‘Take Me Out’ would say “The power is in your hands”.

The 3DS version of Smash Bros. Was initially met with sheer hype, then the doubters began to rise up, but all signs out of the E3 conference suggest the 3DS version of the Nintendo mega franchise is handling great and should be another major title for the handheld. Slight bit of bad news though the game has been delayed and won’t be in our grubby mits for a few months yet.

A whole slew of Indie games have been announced and in the coming weeks we’ll be going into these a lot more. E3 as a whole was quite quiet, no major announcements and no consoles and most importantly for Nintendo no knee-jerk reaction to Wii U criticism, instead the game-pad has been reinforced by the Nintendo chiefs who are adamant that the best is yet to come from Nintendo’s new console and we need to buckle up and get ready for the creativity to come hit us.

E3 this year, was pretty good and has again been influenced by developers and major companies moving out the conference in order to gain more attention and not get lost in the crowd. Let us know what you think by using the #i3