Well this has been a lot more difficult than it probably should have been. Initially I thought about being all edgy (or at least as edgy as a guy who reviews indie games could be) by choosing a Comedy like The Office; the US edition of course, because I am very anti Ricky Gervais and so pro Rainn Wilson that sometimes I find myself screaming “FALSE” in the face of anyone who says the enjoy Gervais’ work.

Then I thought “Agh, what about BBC’s Sherlock?” You could play as Watson, following Sherlock around and helping to solve clues whilst ultimately feeling rather worthless when you realised Sherlock had figured them out the moment that he set foot in the door.

I call this piece “I am better than you and I know it”
I call this piece “I am better than you and I know it”

So what to choose eh? We’ve had the Drama/Thriller that was The Walking Dead (or as I like to call it now “The Walking OMG I CAN’T STOP CRYING AT THE ENDING”), we’re now in the midst of the Supernatural Detective story that is “The Wolf Among Us”, so what could be different enough to these two to be a compelling purchase, yet similar enough to deliver the level of quality that its predecessors have attained?

I think the creepypasta special has rubbed off on me to be honest, because my choice for a series deserving of Telltale treatment is none other than American Horror Story. Think about it, all the incredible characters and plotlines and downright creepiness from the shower; all put into a point and click style game reminiscent of other cult classic horrors such as I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream or Clock Tower.

The game could be based around a person waking up in a town surrounded by ghosts and paranormal entities. They have no idea whether they are alive or dead, or how they got there, and have to interact with characters to both uncover their fate and try to escape to get back to their normal life/break on through to the other side (I love that song).

This would allow Telltale to not only bring the entertainment value in on plot and dramatic storytelling, but think of the Horror aspects they could bring in with eerie locations interspersed with frantic quick-time events, go on, imagine in.

In fact no don’t, we want to be able to sleep tonight.