That is a tricky one mainly because I would of chosen The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones but the mind readers at Telltale seem to have complete access to my thoughts. So I pondered and pondered what television shows I liked such as Rome and Breaking Bad, eventually I decided on Falling Skies!

What is Falling Skies?

Falling skies is a science fiction/post-apocalyptic series created by Robert Rodat who is best known for writing ‘Saving Private Ryan’ (see I’ve already got your attention) and produced by Steven Spielberg (And now I know you’ll read the rest).
Set after a global invasion of earth from extra-terrestrials that has wiped out all the major powers and 90% of the human population. The story follows Tom Mason and the second Mass (a unit of militia resistance) as they struggle against their alien oppressors and uncover their intentions on earth. The series has finished its third season and has a fourth on its way as well as being one of TNT most popular shows.

Why Falling skies?

Ok it sounds interesting but why make it a game? Well its setting alone can make it interesting, just like The Walking Dead your surroundings hold little resources and even the smallest item can hold value. Imagine having to go on scavenging missions to find enough food and medicine for your group, even better what little resources you find isn’t enough and you must choose who gets what. This would causes a change of opinion among the characters which could effect the overall group just like in one such incident in the Walking Dead season one.

Not only is supplies a problem but the resistance is also constantly being hunted by an alien army which not out numbers them but have advanced technology such as Mechs and Pew Pew guns! So they have to work hard to stay hidden and prevent their base being discovered, this adds a interesting concept to the game. What if every mission has a certain risk of leading the enemy to your base?.

Your squad is pinned down after being ambushed during a supply run, if you hold your position you will surely be overrun. You must make a decision!

Do you choose:
A) Choose to save everyone and try to fall back….. BUT say one of your people gets injured and leaves a blood trail which leads the aliens back to your base, this could risk everyone later on in the story.

B) Choose two people to create a rear guard to attempt to hold the aliens back while everyone else escapes…..BUT in the fire fight both characters get killed causing much grief back at camp and creates resentment as your to blame.

It these kind of situations where there isn’t going to be a completely happy outcome which make decisions hard as you try to balance the individuals and the group, you could also think how each choice effects you further down the line. A man who’s wife died in a firefight might not be so supportive later on in the game when you need them the most. So there you have it that’s my two cent (two pence for us Brits) on what I think would make a good TellTale game. I also want to put on record if this does happen I want a cut of the cash ……or at least a mention in the credits!