After our showing in the #BankHolidayFUNday extravaganza the resident writers of [Indie]stry Gaming have decided to team up and discuss every nerds favourite concept, which TV or Movie franchise should get the TellTale treatment? After the roaring success of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and the upcoming Game Of Thrones and Tales From The Borderlands every Nerd within minutes of watching a TV Show/Film wonder if it will be any good in an episodic TellTale Tale. That’s exactly what we’ve been thinking and below are our picks (Wishes) for future TellTale tales.

The thing is your mind will run through a million situations from plenty of different TV shows and picking out a potential winner from the haze of creative craziness is quite challenging. After initially being drawn to my favourite TV show ever; Heroes, where a collaboration of everyday superheroes could join together in the face of adversity with the moral compass falling at your feet. The reason I opted out of this idea is because traditionally your only allowed 1 superpower and that’s just not allowed and/or good enough (I would only really want to play as Syler).

So then my brain thought past immediate excitement to what would actually make a good game, that’s how I got to The Following! A series which airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK follows Ryan Hardy (played by Kevin Bacon) as he tracks down cultist and charismatic serial killer Joe Carrol (James Purefoy) who is rather unsurprisingly up to nasty things. The question that now needs answering is how would TellTale’s The Following work?

The easy way and far more boring option would place you the gamer within the role of the detective, trailing behind the cult and using the point and click gameplay to search locations for clues and information aiding you in your pursuit; but that’s boring and totally predictable. The idea I’ve concocted would allow for loads of tense moments where your words and actions could fall into scrutiny. The idea then; Us gamers would assume the role of a Serial Killer who has recently been released from prison and it just so happens you are a leader of a cult (Who happen to enjoy your maniacal serial killer past).

So far boring, You decide who to kill, when and why you choose to do it, nope that’s pretty boring. What if prior to you being committed to prison your deranged mind created an evil plan to bring down the town/city in which your killing spree was stopped by the Law. [PLOT TWIST] Have you been rehabilitated during your stay in prison or not; if you have or not means your in the middle of your own plot, do you give into the monster you are or do you attempt to engineer your escape. The implication being your surrounded by a crew of serial killers, who are convinced your a monster, how do you follow your own plan and where can you get out?

A few examples of situations and the over-arching narrative could be the Police/Detective force that are the subject your ‘original’ plan could potentially be your friend. In an instance where you have an officer at gun-point in isolation do you:

1. Explain your Innocence and wish to be away from the Cult (Which due to your past might not believed).
2. Brutally murder the Officer and carry on with the plan.
3. Wound the officer (As not to be detected by the Cult).
4. Wound the officer and expose some critical detail about further elements of the plan (assist the police).
5. Do Nothing, at which point your Cult catch up with you (Everyone’s favourite option).

This is only 1 option, the conversations between yourself and senior cult members would be under intense scrutiny; play the field what members of the cult are lustful killers who will turn on you, if you don’t convince them of your intentions or what members aren’t all in like yourself. Conversely you can be the murderer remember and you might want weed out any threats and potential snitches!

Max, Keeps the Hardy heritage running and would be a brilliant way to link to the gaming story to the TV franchise
Max, Keeps the Hardy heritage running and would be a brilliant way to link to the gaming story to the TV franchise

The possibilities are absolutely endless and much like The Walking Dead, the opportunity to cross-over with the TV universe is very possible maybe with Lily Grey’s family or a prison flashback where you sit in the canteen with Joe Carrol. I do feel a major character might support the game, I’m thinking Max Hardy (Ryan’s Niece played by Jessica Stroup) could either head up the police department or be involved with the investigation into your character’s plot.

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