Kotaku’s Jason Schreier caught up with Kingdom Hearts 3 co-director Tai Yasue during the E3 proceedings to discuss the little Kingdom Hearts 3 snippet found at the end of the new Kingdom Hearts 2.5 trailer.

Now, what we were all blissfully unaware of until Yasue spilled the beans is that this is in fact the opening to Kingdom Hearts 3, and a “real integral part of the story”. Now, I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan, I got goosebumps at last years E3 with the Kingdom Hearts 3 reveal outta nowhere. Seeing the words “Now in Development” at the end of the trailer actually makes me shiver with excitement.

However, we are still pending an official release date, although it’s predicted to be coming sometime next year, but when you realise that we are now past the halfway mark of the year you have to realise two things: a) We’ve got about 2 weeks before those Christmas Catalogue TV Adverts make their way back on to our screens and b) 2015 really isn’t that far away anymore.


Source: http://kotaku.com/this-is-the-intro-to-kingdom-hearts-iii-1589443754