Well, If your a Vita gamer you might not know where to stand with this one. Expanding on an interview by Polygon (Where they talked to Shuhei Yoshida), the Sony guy brought up a few interesting points; that depending on your allegiance to the Vita will speak very different things.

It starts with a reference to the PSP and how the handheld with a console generation update:

“So when we launched the Vita with Uncharted, it was amazing; PS3-like quality in your palm, but as time moved on, you are seeing PS4 quality and people’s expectations for the graphic fidelity has gone up.”

Fair enough, but the presumption that graphic fidelity is at the crooks of a machines half-line, is kind of silly. Take for instance ‘Gravity Rush’, ‘Borderlands’ and ‘The Wolf Among Us’ they have an art style they don’t work because of a heavily populated pixel kingdom but because they are unique and focus on you enjoying a game rather than appreciating its look.

Yoshida then talks up the benefits of moving away from the AAA and towards total Indie domination on the Vita:

“Instead of watching big stories or cinematics, you can spend hours on Vita. So, I think [Indie]’s actually the biggest star to help provide great content to Vita going forward. And we continue to make games cross-platform games, especially on digital side.”

The thing is, I don’t want to seem like I’m moaning but I know I am; Just because Vita can handle Indie titles doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve AAA titles. Yeah Borderlands 2 was hit & miss, Call of Duty was a shambles and Resistance was short (Oh so very short!) but the quality of these games aren’t due to console limitations but rather a lack of investment. It’s the old thing ‘they won’t supply games because there’s not enough systems sold’…. but then ‘systems won’t sell because there aren’t enough games’; oh what a world.

Truth is Mr Editor I might be but I also stand in a minority; I think the Vita is amazing and could’ve shook the gaming world on it’s head. I am more than ever enjoying the time it has left! E3 was a poor showing for the Vita and yet again it looks like Sony has forgotten it’s handheld and tacked it on near the end. The bright side of course is the focus on Indie games and that the PS Vita will become the new home for Indie gaming, score which means lots of fresh, quirky and original titles for us to be casting our eyes over here at [Indie]stry.

Unfortunately I think my faith in Vita has finally been broken and the days in which it might have been a genuine alternative to console gaming have past.