Available on PS3 / PS Vita / PC / Mac

Written By Aaron Wright

So imagine this. It’s getting rather late, about 2am in the morning, and while I’m settling into bed with a bit of Office US, my internet cuts out. “Oh no! How were you meant to go to sleep without the antics of good ol’ Dwight Schrute and his go get’em attitude?” I hear you cry. Well in this kind of situation, a nice quiet game couldn’t hurt. You know, something story driven, something a little calmer than the usual Dark Souls outing or Hotline Miami playthough.

The Lone Survivor: Directors Cut? That sounds like some kind of drama, I bet it’s like a telltale game or something”. I clicked to open it and was immediately met with the screen used as our feature Image (Look Up :P).

What had I done? What god-forsaken Horror game had I managed to download now? I’d honestly let this game slip through my Indie Radar (Indar? Radie? Radie sounds like a parody name for a popular American High School girl, OMG IT’S RADIEEEE HHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIi, let’s just stick with Indie Radar).

I can’t even pretend I wasn’t scared, and didn’t take this picture to send to my Instagram to let everybody know I probably wasn’t going to make it until morning. So what actually is this game? Well, get your head around this, it’s a 2D Side Scrolling Pixelated Psychological Indie Horror game developed by Jasper Byrne.

For those of you a little less aware of the terminology. Imagine Super Mario meets Fight Club meets that nightmare you keep having about your old primary school teacher chasing you through the forest with a wooden ruler.

See, EXACTLY like that.
See, EXACTLY like that.

You take control of an un-named protagonist, stuck in an apartment building filled with monsters and darkened hallways and corridors made of blood and flesh. You’re hallucinating, you’re having flashbacks and weird dreams, you’re constantly trying to figure out what is real and what isn’t. You have very limited resources, you have to find food and the means to cook it, you have to try and keep yourself mentally stable and happy, which were all game mechanics that I actually found to be really enjoyable and implemented well for such an odd formatting of a Horror Game.

And believe me when I say that this isn’t a game that suddenly stops becoming scary once you’ve found your gun either, or after a few minutes of playing when the initial gimmicky scares are out of the way (I’m looking at you Dead Space). I played this game until the early reaches of the morning and found myself having to turn it off because I just couldn’t do it anymore.

This game takes a huge influence from Silent Hill too, which for a Horror game can never be a bad thing. Most of the game is spent in claustrophobic corridors, checking your map over and over, systematically checking every nook and cranny of the world for items that will help your cause.

I would say if you’re a Horror fan, and need something of a refreshing experience, something a little different to what you’re used to, then this is the game for you…..you sicko………now, back to playing it myself! See ya later!