Recently I’ve been getting the nostalgia urges to play the early Zelda games but I thought maybe I could find an Zelda-equse substitute instead, this is how I stumbled across Geex Games A-RPG “The Fall of Gods”. The question your probably asking yourself is did this little indie title satisfy my Zelda itch?

The backstory for Fall of Gods is pretty simple, once ago there were nine gods and one created the sun, one the night, one created nature and so on. One of the gods created Humans and intended them to be their equal this upset some of the other gods and thus humanitiy was gifted to be able to create but also crused to destroy aswell. Humans caused such an imbalance of power that it caused the universe to collaspe resulting with the big bang. Life was reborned though lttle by little from the ashes while the gods in their weakened state could just watch and put their hopes in one boy to stop the approaching darkness….

See pretty simple right!

Ok the setting can be pretty cliche but its your standard plot theme for this genre so it could be alot worse.

Picture 1
“Our unlikely hero must prevail to beat the powers of darkness”


The game follows a strong Zelda vibe with you exploring the many worlds as you hunt for lost loot that some NPC about twenty minutes ago asked for. Yeah it’s basically alot of fetch quests WHICH! isn’t that bad as the game is very specific in explaining what to get unlike Zelda at times. The game also incorporates some interesting puzzles into the mix to create a challenge but nothing mentally taxing, this aspect at times involves alot of backtracking though.

The controls are effective and I like how the menus are arranged in a circle so going through your inventory is smiliarifed and ensures you don’t get swamped in all your loot wasting time for actual exploration. Your character moves quicker than I anticipated at first glance but giving the vast levels it actually an advantage unlike some games……Looking at you Pre-Bike story Pokemon!

Combat is your standard melee or ranged though you only have one slot for your weapon of choice. Magic is also avaliable in combat and it given its own slot but unfortunaetly again it can be either offensive or defensive. Combat is really a challenge as your enemies are about as powerful as a newborn kitten, specially after getting the shield which pretty much makes you invinicable to damager as long as you don’t move.

The art design helps you on this nostalgia ride as the game artwork look like a late 90’s era RPG. the overhead view makes me think of playing Pokemon but Fall of Gods does alot more with the available colour pallet. All the worlds have their own unique feels to them whether its Ice, Water or Forest they all have a splash of vibrant colour that best befits it. The soundtrack is one of the games strongest elements as it successfully gives you that 90’s feel as you plod along to it.

picture 2

Overall its a great game but your probably wondering did it fixed my Zelda itch? honestly no but that because it felt just short, this doesn’t mean its a complete failure it ticked all the boxes, gameplay (check), graphices (check), Combat (check, if a little lacking) and a great soundtrack. Unfortunately it had some big boots to fill in the form of the Zelda franchise though I wouldn’t let this put you off playing it though!