My first instinctive choice was to write about Battlestar Galactica or maybe even Band of Brothers but thought against it, because they are mainly just shows about action. While BSG has loads of what Tell Tale could put in to a game. I thought to myself that it would just be retelling the story, and with the rumoured film adaptations on the horizon it just wouldn’t fit in as well. Band of Brothers has two distinct TV shows and A 3rd on the way that you could get a Tell Tale game out of but why attempt something of that magnitude. I mean Band of Brothers is probably the best, most historically accurate tv show ever made, nobody needs to attempt that not even the fabled Tell Tale.

So after much deliberation into the Tell Tales series of thoughts I’ve chosen Spartacus.

Well Spartacus is a story of a Thratian guy who enters into a bloody war allied with the Romans, who deserts the front lines and gets captured by a roman dick and made a slave. To begin with he’s not very good(because he has anger issues and is a mean lean fighting machine) but learns quickly. He is then entered in to a local gladiator ring and made to fight for the entertainment of other people(and there money purses). He’s then talent scouted by a guy who really wants to put his families name back on the map. Who is bought by said talent scout at an auction(not ebay) and then trained to become a proper gladiator at his ludos.

Now this doesn’t sound like it would make a very good Tell Tale game. At first. But I implore you to think about all the politics, intrigue, the secret conversations and of course all the backstabbing that the Romans were apparently very good at. Also theres the learning to fight and being thrown into a gladiator ring, that most people would love to do in a game, and this is just based on the first season of the TV show. There’s more that they can build upon like the gladiator rebellion that Spartacus starts and all the fights to follow.

There’s decisions you’d be able to make that will, like the TV show determine the outcome of the story. There are times when Spartacus needs to help people he doesn’t like simply out of pride and gain there friendship in the process. There’s times when he has to choose between his dominus or his fellow companions he trains with. All the decisions you make could alter these alliances and friendships. But there is also opportunity to use all the information you gather while in the Ludus of the scheming Batiatus to progress the story

When the rebellion finally starts because of Spartacus, there’s chance for a whole section where you have to plan the escape. Which if you’ve seen the show was an epic way to end the season.

But why stop there? Why not use this as a opportunity to switch between different characters and make decisions around the other characters? There’s no reason to just play as Spartacus after all, because there were plenty of other characters that have there own stories that could be told.

All in all I reckon Spartacus would make a very good Tell Tale game no mater how we imagine they would do it, because the TV show resembles a lot of what Tell Tale would like in there games, intrigue, deception, tense moments(god the tense moments in The Walking Dead game), opportunities for your own deceptions to help you or your fellow gladiators.

Ponder it, see what you think. Even comment on what TV shows, films or comics you’d like to see Tell Tale do. I would love to see what ideas you guys have.