Well, well, well…. well, well…. well; It’s been a long time coming and we’ve been away for a while but Borderlands 2 still deserves it’s dirty laundry to see the light of day and here it is, [Indie]stry’s verdict on Gearbox’s favourite son and it’s début on PS Vita.

I’ll start by saying two things 1. I’m one of those nutty guys who think PS Vita is the best games machine out there 2. Borderlands 1 & 2 are my favourite games of the last generation. This would lead you to think that I was like a child at Christmas when I finally got my hands on my Vita edition of Borderlands 2 and I was! That being said I’m not going to lie to you and say this is a golden gem of gaming because it’s not.

Iron Galaxy studios need to be commended for squeezing down as much of the Borderlands package onto the Vita and with very few compromises hampering the experience, for example defeated enemies explode in a ‘blood pop’ rather than rag doll and some of the skyline has been simplified (seriously who looks at far off mountains anyway), minor changes that don’t really affect the experience.


Even the control scheme is okay, I say okay because some people just don’t like blending touch screen gestures into their gameplay and starts up the discussions of Borderlands being hard to play because you can’t hold the console comfortably. Those discussions have some weight in them, but I didn’t have the slightest issue because I purchased one of these bad boys.

Righty oh, they are cheap and make your Vita all awesome!

So picking up a hand grip for a couple of quid might n0t be your thing but I’d do it over and over because it’s made my Vita gaming sessions longer and that’s always a good thing. Back to Borderlands 2 …. It’s Borderlands 2 and that immediately means we’ve got billions of guns, skill trees, Shakespearian psychos, loads of content and a slew of whackjob characters guiding you through the narrative. In that respect Borderlands for Vita nails it because it gives you a top quality console game available on the go and with 6 packs of DLC for free it’s a genuine bargain.

Unfortunately there are downsides that you begin to pick up that pop one thought into your head… that was better on the PS3/X360 version! There many times where I was firing my Dahl machine gun and I just couldn’t see bullets the reduction in screen size meant it was virtually impossible to make out your weapon fire unless it was a rocket (not good) and the more it happens the more I think about loading my Xbox 360 back up to have a go.

The Campaign Of Carnage is in …. Rejoice!

Other than that the game is plagued by sound issues, narrative dialogue runs late all the time although plus point Iron Galaxy have released a patch which reduces it about 90% but none the less without a really good pair of earphones most of the experience is lost in the atmosphere.

This is me picking faults in a very good game and like I said most the faults aren’t lethal they can just be niggly and if you’re after perfection you’ll be disappointed but if you love guns, lengthy games, crazy characters and cel shading then pick up Borderlands 2 because It IS the best FPS on the Vita!

P.S. Can everyone bombard Iron Galaxy Studios with a letter written like so “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE release Tiny Tina’s Assault On Dragon Keep for the PS Vita…. PLEASE”