Hi there people of the internet and that other thing… Earth.

We’ve got some exciting news, as you might be able to see things are looking a bit different and that’s because after our small hiatus we’re back and hopefully going to better (or less worse) than ever.

So cue the self indulgent news article about ourselves; It’s kind of like dying your hair and going through ‘that’ phase we might be changing on the outside but deep down we’re exactly the same and that means talk about Indie, Indie scores and a little bit of AAA discussion to keep things spicy.

This is our ‘bare with’ notification for you all, basically things are ticking over nicely but as much as we’d like it to be done overnight we’ve used up all our fairy god-mother wishes so it’s going to take a few weeks to we’re all spic and span!


Play games and geek out about them! #Indie