Right there’s a bit of a delay, but I hope to be posting my Smackdown Live reports a lot closer to the show but hey-ho here is the first edition.

The initial hoopla needs to be out of the way because there is way to much focus on Bryan and Shane as massive baby-faces and it will ultimately hurt the brand when it’s clear Smackdown has already had the deck stacked against them, personally I’m quite pleased with the draft and so the dynamics of Smackdown need to start changing, not just being promised.

Awww gosh I’m not going to dwell on it but poor Ryder, Zack is one of the stars who could really establish himself however as Ryder mentioned on twitter during the battle royal to enter the 6 pack challenge main event he decided to go all shockmaster on us and botched his el-bro drop …. dust yourself down Zack if this truly is a new era on Smackdown Live you should be forgiven.

I was about to make 2 very similar points so I’ll make them together the GM and Shane-O need to invent a women’s title and a set of tag titles, gosh if Raw are having titles all over the place why not! They have the depth for the division and I’ll descend into the darkside for a sec and mention TNA/Impact, for a long time they’ve managed 4 titles in a 2 hour show so it can be done.

I like the NXT call ups for the women’s division on Smackdown and also how Becky Lynch is being positioned as the top lass, this is all good and I’ll pray for the obvious and hope for a Bliss/Lynch rivalry and miss all red can stay off the television. Top match between Natalya and Becky but that itself screamed ‘duh’ …. it’s a new era and a new Smackdown so we’ll have a rematch from Battleground??? Like okay!

So before I get into the 6 pack challenge I’ll mention the roster weighting that everyone keeps banging on about and I reckon Smackdown Live while lacking some of the ‘new era’ guys have come off very well! In particular they have Bray Wyatt who will benefit from a brand split more than anyone else in the WWE! Keep him separate from Eric ‘hair out my ears’ Rowan and we could be looking at a Wyatt title run (well overdue).

So then the main event was the 6-Pack challenge to determine 1# Contender for the WWE Champion Dean Ambrose… What!?!?! I can’t believe Ziggler won, let alone won the match but won any match! For years Ziggler has up-sold everyone he has been in the ring with and in the past few months I was finally giving up on him because he looked like he couldn’t even back his own character. 33% of the 6-Pack was new era with Baron Corbin and Apollo Crews both featuring the latter who qualified from the battle royal isn’t my favourite, he wasn’t on NXT and isn’t now but hey it’s fresh. While I was expecting a Styles win or maybe even Wyatt (though Dean V Wyatt has been done to death) I had written off Dolph from the opening bell, but one massive super-kick later and Smackdown had a moment that rivalled the Balor birthday celebration on Raw.

I’ll be back with the next Smackdown Live! Review in a few days but as a leaving thought why did we have to wait for ‘American Alpha’… they were stood on the ring god dammit! If you need to kill some time watching the Cruiser-weight Classic its amazing.