(Apologies to the delay, I had a day in Weston Super Mare…. the sun came out in Britain and was far too good to pass up)

So another week flies by in this new era and the WWE is for the time being still a refreshing product to watch and as always this Smackdown centric report is going to fly through the pros and cons of this weeks edition.

The WWE title picture is very intriguing, partly because they haven’t just settled on this title match and had Ziggler/Dean trade words every week instead they’ve been bringing in the Wyatt angle and shining some much deserved light onto the ‘Eater of worlds’. Firstly I love Bray Wyatt and think his run at the top is long, long overdue and is delayed mostly due to the fact he doesn’t need any titles to be relevant; none the less the battle for who is the face of the blue brand rages on.

The new angles on Dean and Ziggler continue to impress but having Wyatt lurking in the background makes me think that we’re not just going to get a simple 1 on 1 match for the WWE championship at Summerslam (Like Raw) no instead I think we’re going to have a Wyatt interference which will lead to a ‘Backlash’ (See what I did). Some great moments here opening and closing the show specifically the sister Abigail super-kick that Dean caught in the mush.

YES! YES! YES! …. Alexa Bliss finally made her in ring debut, on her birthday no less and picked up a win in an interesting match with Becky Lynch which finished out with Eva Marie recovering from her wardrobe malfunction just in time for her to distract Becky. Right I hate Eva Marie as does most the wrestling world but they are playing this angle very well, we know you hate her so here are some more reasons to hate her… Just as long as she remembers to kick out the correct pin-falls this is a good use of all red everything.

Right the tag divsision is looking good and with the milky-way titles on the way (thank you Talking Smack!) everyone is vying for attention; with the Usos out the bold move has been position American Alpha as well the alphas of the division. I have no problem here Smackdown came off with some very good teams and anyone who watched NXT during The Ascensions rise should know that this brand split could give them the push they deserved and never got. As all teams were out to watch Alpha beat some jobbers I’m hoping that we get a tag turmoil or tornado or something like that at Backlash, as long as it isn’t just a 1 v 1.

Awwww shucks Heath Slater nearly signed a contract!!! Yes he took a gore and yes I was wrong Bryan Myers didn’t show up to help Heath but hey he was still offered a contract only he doesn’t realise it because he couldn’t remember how many children he had! Please don’t go to Raw, I think Heath has been so underused and ironically him not having a contract is the best use of his character for years.

I think I said this last week but Smackdown Live! Has found its feet quicker than Monday Night Raw, I hated this weeks edition and the lack of action for Finn and Seth is killing me; also Demon Finn on the Summerslam poster way to ruin the surprise. Smackdown has a format and whether they have the star power or not they do have a style developing and you can sort expect certain things on Smackdown and not the mishmash we’re getting on Raw at the moment.

Found its image and stacking, interesting authority angle and found its feet quicker than Raw

Closing Thought : Baron Corbin attacked Kalisto, 50 second segment at best but in the shorter 2 hour program this is going to help keep some characters relevant when they’re not competing.