Aaron Wright (Alumni)

 AaronWAuthor-Box-PAGESARND ARR KIDDAH. My name’s Aaron Wright, lover of Carbonara and a strong sarcasm enthusiast. I actively denounce the preaching’s of the PC Master Race and instead choose to follow a more humble path; the way of the PlayStation.

At one point I was ranked No. 2 in the world on Guitar Hero 3, and don’t you dare for a second think I’ve ever been proud of it.

Sometimes I like to indulge in my ever present weak spot for Retro Games, I’ve played so much Streets of Rage 2 I feel as though I may have been Blaze in a previous life (because we have the same sassy strut in person, yeah I’d be jealous too).

Favourite Game: Final Fantasy X

Yeah I cried, so what? Is a man not allowed to get in touch with his feelings anymore? Hold on wait this doesn’t count as spoilers for the ending right? Either that or Fallout New Vegas (YEAH I KNOW EVERYONE PREFERRED 3 LEAVE ME ALONE YEAH?)

Least Favourite Game: Haze

What even was Haze? I honestly think I put the disc in the console and was suddenly transported to the void for a couple of hours to float in a state of complete mundanity. It’s fine though, traded it in for a couple quid towards my petrol tank, worth it.



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