[Indie]stry, championing everything that is Indie and casting our rather cynical eyes over the gaming industry to see where the big movers and shakers are going to end up and how the Indie games of today could well be shaping the future.

The idea was concocted by Editor Glen Beckley and ever since car journey conversations all around West Midlands have resulted in the [Indie]stry your reading right now. With writers whose love for gaming is equally as impressive as their ‘love’ for spending £40 a pop on their hobby; it’s safe to say our team is dedicated to what they do. All comment and critique you’ll find on here is entirely genuine we have no agendas and no overheads so what your reading is what we’re feeling, for more information on how we deal with scoring games check out our Scoring System

We will also be attempting (With all our intellectual might… which isn’t so mighty) to contact Universities and Colleges up and down the UK to see how Games design and programming is being taught to budding students who may be the next Cliff Bleszinski or Peter Molyneux. So If you know any student developers with insanely lofty ambitions get in touch and then so will we.

Bam, that was a really fancy way of saying we love games and so should you (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this). We’d love to get your thoughts and opinions involved and we won’t miss a trick to drop you our email because we want your heckling because much like the gaming industry, the only thing that will make [Indie]stry better is listening to you guys and what you think.


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