Alex Greenwood (Alumni)

 AlexGrnAuthor-PAGEI have been a fanatic gamer for most of my life with alot of my time spent playing around the many worlds the game industry has to offer.

It started back when we were blessed with a Playstation for Christmas with the choice of tomb raider, resident evil and dino crisis, from there my love and addiction for gaming grew.

I’m the kind of gamer who will give any game a chance with very few exceptions and usually the games I tend to enjoy are the less big titles, Though I do love both indie and Triple A titles regardless of genre. I will quite happily play any genre from shooters, RPG’s, RTS’s, Narratives etc.

Favorite Game – Fallout 3

It was hard to choice but simply for excellent lore, world and general awesomeness Fallout 3 is my pick.

Least Favorite Game : Aliens Vs Predator 

Again it was a tough choice, I love the Alien franchise but I feel this game was pitiful and didn’t really use its potential so it got my pick.


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