Glen Beckley

 GlenBAuthorPAGEI’m glad to say that what your reading is my brain child, It was apparent to me and I reckon most of the world how absolutely amazing and awesome Indie games are! Especially in the age of the franchise which in a blog from a galaxy far far away I’ve ranted about endless times; this however isn’t driven by hate but love of some of the most innovative, creative and most genuine experience you can get in gaming.

I’ve worked in radio, nearly achieved my dream at Kerrang! got shot down and decided to take a shine to the thought of lecturing after the completion of my degree. More important than all of that though I can finish Crash Bandicoot 2 within the day 100%, I know it can be beaten quicker and that’s my real goal in life.

I might not look like Borderlands 2’s MISTER TORGUE but I am most certainly his spiritual twin  other than that I’m an Xbox One type of guy as well as being ‘That Kid’ that owns a PS Vita and won’t shut up about it.

Favourite Game  : Crash Bandicoot 2 – Cortex Strikes Back

Right I’ve already slipped up and mentioned it in my bio but regardless this is without a doubt my favourite game (special mention though for Alan Wake). The collecting of crystals, coloured gems and apples never gets old and the fact that Cortex, the most woefully bad super-villain front’s the experience with a shallow turn onto the side of good caps it all off.

Least Favourite Game : Call of Duty Black Ops : Declassified 

Here we go, Vita-Kid time; Call of Duty I’ve been able to take it or leave it since ‘World at War’ It’s good but I just saw how Modern Warfare’s brilliance was going to create another mega franchise, Black Ops : Declassified however provided Vita with the potential of an amazing FPS, looking good, handling well and 2 hours into the campaign it’s all over! That’s a very quick, simple way of making me never want to play that game again.


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