Scoring System

Amongst all the other things you can find floating around the [Indie]stry universe is our review section, In which our critical eyes are cast all over Indie games from every conceivable platform you can think of (Excluding the Sega Saturn!). By this we mean (Deep Breath) you can find reviews on games from Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, Steam, Android, iOS and even games you can get through your bowser… I mean browser *cough*.

How do we score them, well we don’t, well sort of. We’ve taken the decision to not give you stars, percentages and figures up to and including 10 for one reason, they’re quite confusing. We took a very, very long time discussing this and basically we’ve come to the conclusion that the figure, the star rating, the percentage can all be very misleading; not intentionally more so accidentally misleading.

How many times have you picked up a game because it got an 8 and then weeks later you get a game that was a 7.5 and was mile better? It’s because of this we’ve decided to focus entirely on our experiences with games and figuring out everything you need to know about them (not spoilers don’t worry) as opposed to figuring out what criteria makes this a that and that a this.


You can find honest opinions that we openly encourage to be challenged and those challenges will be published online as opposed to being stuffed away in some decent filing cabinet. One of the final things we feel is really important to the way [Indie]stry will review games is the allocation of reviews; by that we mean you don’t have to worry about us putting someone who hate’s platforming games onto the review of Gucamelee 2 (Wishful Thinking) because then you wouldn’t be getting an honest representation of that game.

Do you want scores? Feel like we completely misjudged a game? Or just want to share a gaming experience? Well let us know via our Facebook, on Twitter (@IndiestryGaming) or if your really old school and use email, drop us a line at


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