Omg I’ve been on holiday on what happened to be the biggest week in WWE in about ages…..

I’m not gonna churn out repeats of stuff that’s already said, so gonna start with a live RAW Report (I prefer Smackdown and never watch live) so here we go. Apologies to the grammar here, its SAWFT!

Big Cass is the worse half, there I said it but I would love him to win, to be honest the only option I was going to be happy with was a KO win, because Rollins was meant to lose, Cass is green and Reigns sucks, bug #RomanGains so….

Jericho didn’t threaten IT…. but was confused by IT. Jericho has always been a fave of mine and in my mind will always be underrated and the face of Smackdown along with Edge. (#SpearSpearSpear) basically Jericho isn’t just a name for RAW but on their green roster is a pull that needs to capitalised on. He won though and clean which is a positive moving forward.

I am actually lost for words on the gallows/anderson/Dana v NewDay/Bayley match… I even live tweeted! But god this is the small sector of RAW that makes me go mental. New Day Rock go figure and the new heel team are making wrestling matter on RAW. More Importantly Bayley Is here, I ain’t gonna NXT gush but she deserves regonition as a top women’s wrestler and here on RAW she’s getting that exposure….. HEEEEEEEEYYYYYY we finally got some Bayley!!! And she won mad respect!!!!

It’s not actually fair on RAW, injuries are harsh and the main long time rivalry has been shelved. btw Braun exwyatt is boring until he gets invested in something other than boring squash matches, but he could be interesting if Lesnar-like was handled he.

Steph and Heyman ay it… the 2 have a good relationship and the ECW mention from Steph was nice. I like Brock he’s intense and unfortunately unbeatable… this is another thing RAW can’t handle, who will beat Lesnar 123…. not Rollins…. so who else… a cruiserweight or kofi K they don’t know how to solve the beast problem… I feel for RAW I do… what can the leadership team actually do!

I hate Reigns, just because of the over push,  natural push I’d be right behind him but :/…… KO deserved it, he’s the only sensible choice. Boo Reigns takes flight, Owens is ace and Seth is Seth frickin Rollins. (Live comment here so apologies) Cass got eliminated so WWE aren’t completely insane, so the KO train rolls on. Seth is Seth, genuinely one of the best since early AJ Stlyes; The awkward moment of wanting a certain result. It keeps on going and Reigns is being Reigns but KO and Rollins are even on making the final 2.  WTF……..





Bye Bye Reigns, Death, taxes and Reigns doesn’t beat Rollins. What, What, WHAT …. KO KO KO KO KO …. Its about time, but what, Seth going face, KO is Sick, RAW has been actually interesting, I’m going to holiday in Devon more often, Just WHAT????  The authority angle is finally destroyed, but the Seth flipping to a face angle is well weird……………. KO is Champ, Sorry Dean Ambrose I love Smackdown Live but unless AJ Styles gets the title then RAW has got one hell of a swoop (End of live waffle)

Biased aside, I genuinely think RAW is struggling. There’s not the same identity that Smackdown has. 3 hours of RAW sucks and has for a long time before the draft, but what are we going to do!!! We’re not going backwards and even prior to the roster split RAW didn’t work let’s just pray for #2HOURRAW

My much more regular Smackdown report will reciprocate my gush for new titantrons; OMG it’s about time the split is

 complete I feel like smackdown and raw are actually different products.


I watch Raw, I watch WWE, I watch TNA…. I care about Smackdown!!!