Normally We’re reserved gamers that sip wine and crunch on croûtons during our gaming sessions (we’re really not) but [Indie]stry Gaming are finally putting down their wine and taking notice to the 3DS edition of Super Smash Bros.

When we heard the announcement, we were like ‘yeah’ that’ll be good, but now it’s nearly here and it’s nearly in our hands we’re jumping around, screaming and swinging from the chandelier just like DK himself. The truth is when you see the footage and put more brain power into it the concept of Smash Bros. on 3DS is amazing, the games entire ethos is just as suited to the handheld as it is the home console.

We’ve popped a trailer on, for you to get equally excited about.

Editor @glen_beckley got hyped about Borderlands 2 on the vita (there’s a review and everything) but ultimately that didn’t go down as well as everyone liked, more burnt duck than tenderly sealed steak. What we’re getting at is, What’s the biggest and most successful game to ever land on a handheld?